About Us


Our Church Leaders embrace the Reformed Faith believing that the Doctrines of Grace and the Solas of the Reformation not only reflect Biblical theology but also serve as the foundation from which the church should function.

Pastor Jeff Stackhouse
Pastor Stackhouse has earned the following degrees:
B.A. in Biblical Studies at Florida Bible College, 1984
M.A. in Biblical Studies at Tampa Bay Theological Seminary, 1989
M.Divinity in Pastoral Ministry, Grace Theological Seminary, 1995

Pastor Stackhouse was saved when he was a sophomore in college in 1980. He has had the privilege of preaching and teaching the Word of God since 1990, and has served as a Elder of Trinity Reformed Church since March of 2001.

Pastor Bryan Hodge
Pastor Hodge has earned the following degrees:
B.A. in Biblical Theology, Moody Bible Institute, 1997
M.A. candidate in New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2001
M.A. in Old Testamant and Semitic Languages, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2002
Th.M. candidate in New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2011

Pastor Hodge converted from Roman Catholicism in 1984.  He has been in ministering since 1993  and has served as a Elder of Trinity Reformed Church since September 2013. Pastor Hodge has published two theological books and frequently posts on his blog theological sushi.

Pastor Jeff Stackhouse
Pastor Bryan Hodge

Jesse Caldwell
Brent Foster